Easter… Lives Transformed! 

May 2019

When we talk to children about Easter, there are many ways we can try to explain it and bring the point of a new life. We use Easter eggs, the cocoon picture, a sunrise… you name it!

But even the best way to explain Easter would be meaningless if Easter does not really impact the way we behave and become “Easter people”. Easter people are Christians that have been transformed by the power of the Gospel and live a life that moves our faith into action. That is Easter! The promises, the obedience, the journey, and God’s faithfulness all came together and had its climax on Easter morning, and from there people who experienced the Risen Christ in their lives moved from a passive knowledge to people of action, actively retelling the story of the resurrected Jesus.

During this Easter season (from here until the day of Pentecost) we will see how people were transformed after they met the Risen Jesus. From a shameful Peter, to an angry Saul (Paul), from a kind and graceful woman named Dorcas to a business owner named Lydia. I invite you to read the book of Acts and look for the ways different people were transformed in different ways though the testimony of the Risen Jesus.

Easter transform lives, and so do congregations! 

See you Sunday in church,